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Our Services

Our business is like no other.
So, when you're growing your teams, you need more than
a one-size-fits-all approach to finding great people.

By getting to understand our client's challenges, opportunities, cultures, and values, we can provide relevant introductions to individuals who can add to that culture and drive your business forward. We are always striving for excellence, so we tailor our products based on our partner's needs. Learn how our different people products can work for you below.

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    Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

    ​Subscription Model

    Our industry first RaaS model is aimed at ambitious organisations from start-ups to fast growing scale-ups to help secure the right talent to reach the next milestone they’re striving for.

    This service can provide talent at any job level and in any number of hires across marketing, sales, operations, technology and product-based roles to enable your company to develop and scale up. RaaS also removes the lead time and much of the cost by building teams quickly and efficiently – upscaling and downsizing as your business requires.

    RaaS can be offered as either a remote service or an
    in-house solution.


    • No hidden charges

    • Discounted fees

    • Guaranteed delivery

    RaaS is a bespoke offering which has several different length of contractions – to help scale or to manage operations.

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    Retained Executive Search

    High-Commitment, High Guarantee Search

    These are the foundations of a true customer-supplier relationship that supports a successful recruitment campaign designed for the timely placement of specialised and niche senior hires.

    You will benefit from a dedicated search team who will identify and introduce the best talent to your organisation, working in a methodical fashion against pre-agreed milestones.

    Our robust search programme combines industry-leading search techniques with the latest project management tools and processes to improve job and cultural fit while reducing time-to-hire.

    Our service includes:

    •  A review of your existing target operating model and organisational design

    • A review of existing role profiles and guidance to build new

    • Market mapping and salary benchmarking

    • Aligned and increased brand representation

    • Recruitment marketing strategy

    • A pricing structure that is performance-focused on both sides

    • A Statement of Work that includes service levels

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    High-Quality, Fast Delivery Freelance Service

    It’s not always the right time to increase headcount, but fluctuations in demand mean that sometimes you need more hands on deck to deliver. We’ll supply you with the best freelancers and contract workers at an all-inclusive rate you’ll love.

    You’ll be looked after by an expert in your field who has a vast network of talented freelance and contract workers to call upon.

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    Low Commitment, Non-Urgent Needs

    One of our market specialists will run a targeted search campaign for each of your live roles - giving you access to our existing networks and outgoing strategies.

    This option is non-exclusive and best suited to roles that are not urgent or critical. It’s fully flexible, billed only once a placement
    has been made.